peHUB Second Opinion 4.11

Are people finally getting sick of the Pando Daily-TechCrunch-Uncrunch manufactured drama? Definitely.

Seriously? The Obama White House pays women less than men.

A month after raising $85 mln, Yammer makes its first buy in OneDrum

Nicholas Merrill is raising funds to launch a privacy protecting Internet service and telephone provider

Where is Neetzan Zimmerman? Founder of The Daily What has joined Gawker.

Lawsuit! U.S. sues Apple, Hachette, Harper Collins and other publishers claiming they colluded to fix eBook prices. And, how Steve Jobs got Apple into trouble over eBooks.

Who is the mole at Fox News?

Google just closed its $12.5 bln buy of Motorola and is reportedly already trying shopping the hardware division.

Here’s the Daily Show’s take on Google Glasses and Instagram.

George Zimmerman will be charged in Trayvor Martin shooting.