peHUB Second Opinion 4.12

Revealed! Joe Muto was the Fox news mole. He’s been fired. And, Fox News lawyers want Gawker to stop publishing stuff unlawfully obtained from Muto.

I miss Carol Bartz. Here’s the ousted Yahoo CEO talking about the value of speaking your mind.

Leaked Microsoft documents reveal that IE 10 will be available sometime this year.

Google’s Q1 profit hits $2.89 bln and the company announces a stock split.

U.S. objects to Megaupload hiring of law firm Quinn Emanuel

Millennials aren’t looking at Facebook fan pages, study finds.

Kraft is discontinuing its Athenos line of Greek yogurt.

Chicago’s homicide rate soared 60% in first quarter.

Dan, the baboon, is coming pretty close to reading.

Image credit: Former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz gestures during her appearance at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, California Nov.16, 2010. Photo  by Robert Galbraith, Reuters