peHUB Second Opinion 4.13

The rich really are different from you and me. They pay less taxes.

The worst city for allergies this year is Knoxville, Tenn.

Cory Booker, Newark’s mayor, ran into a burning house to save a woman but says he’s not a hero.

Raising funding as a first time founder, from Joel Gascoigne, Buffer’s founder.

“Good Morning America” was exciting today. Hardcore porn disrupted its broadcast in two Colorado towns.

Apple fight backs and says DOJ’s accusation of collusion aren’t true.

President Obama’s secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does. And, Obama likely pays a higher tax rate than Romney.

Spotify has $889 mln in revenue but there’s no IPO in the cards yet.

Felix Salmon says Google’s stock split is evil.

How not to use Twitter in the court room.

Will academic research be crowdfunding’s next frontier?

Because it’s Friday. Here’s the most hilariously depressing cat video on the Internet.

Image credit: Newark Mayor Cory Booker speaks to the media outside a burned house in Newark, New Jersey, April 13, 2012. Booker said on Friday he was no superhero, only a good neighbor when he broke free from his security detail to dash into a burning house and rescue a woman. Photo by Eduardo Munoz, Reuters