peHUB Second Opinion 4.17

Zynga has $1.8 bln cash and is looking for the next OMGPOP

This is crazy. A PE firm has bought ….a law school in the U.K.¬†

With its coming IPO, Carlyle lowers its expectations.

By 2040, every potential presidential candidate will be unelectable due to embarrassing Facebook posts, according to The Onion.

Larry Page was obsessed with the name Google even in high school.

Two-thirds of tech insiders believe that paying with Smartphones will overtake cash and credit cards by 2020

Another probe! The FTC is investigating¬†Google’s actions in bypassing the default privacy settings of Safari.

It’s tax day and more Americans are renouncing their citizenship or handing in their green cards.

Photo image of a smartphone courtesy of Shutterstock