peHUB Second Opinion 4.19

Dealing with rejection, learning patience and other things James Altucher learned from break dancing.

Sugar is evil and should be taxed and kept away from children. That said, I really want a cookie right now.

Microsoft Q3 earnings beat estimates. Operating income hits $6.37 bln.

Splunk CEO Godfrey Sullivan talks to The Deal about what they plan to do with their IPO proceeds.

We’re so relieved! Starbucks to stop using bug extract to color some of its drinks

The economy may be better but there are still homeless kids living on the highway to Disney World.

Cisco invests $100 mln inĀ Insiemeand could buy it for $750 mln more.

Linus Torvalds, Linux’s creator, wins the Millennium Technology Prize.

Ten Google bombs that will live in infamy.

Polar Bears aren’t as genetically close to Brown Bears as previously thought.

Levon Helm, drummer for the Band, has passed away.

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