peHUB Second Opinion 4.20

Big Oops. Aviva mistakenly fires 1,300 employees at its investment unit.

Here’s Leonie Industries,  the Pentagon contractor, which ran a disinformation campaign against two USA Today reporters.

Why Dashlane chose Silicon Alley over the Valley.

What BofA would look like if it was owned by its customers.

The Verge is reporting that Chumby is no more. Company employees are now with Technicolor.

Apple is hiring 500 people in Ireland.

How Andreessen Horowitz messed up on Instagram.

How George Takei went from Star Trek to social media superstar.

Proofpoint and Inflobox each went public today. Proofpoint CEO Gary Steele is looking for small tech tuckins  while Inflobox’s Robert Thomas seeks small tech deals.

Image of George Takei courtesy of s_bukley /