peHUB Second Opinion 4.24

Arrested! A former BP engineer is charged with obstructing justice in the Gulf oil spill

Google Drive launched today with 5GB free storage while Gmail bumps free storage to 10GB

Don’t eat beef. Mad Cow disease is back.

Groupon is looking to hire two new board directors after revenue restatement last month.

July 9 is doomsday for your PC or mac if it has this malware.

Apple Q2 earnings beat estimates with $39.2 bln revenue.

Google execs Larry Page, Eric Schmidt plus James Cameron are backing a venture to extract precious metals from asteroids that orbit near Earth.

Planet Daily raises $5 million from undisclosed investors.

Finally getting credit. Al Gore will be one of the first inductees into the Internet Hall of Fame

Nicholas Thompson wonders if Netflix, once the smartest company, is doomed?

Cow photo courtesy of Shutterstock