peHUB Second Opinion 4.26

A warning to Facebook shareholders. What to do after you make a zillion dollars

Amazing Video Alert: Here’s a grandma from Austrailia, Deb “Spoons” Perry, playing the Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy“. And she feeds Kangaroo.

Being too trusting. And other mistakes women financial advisors make.

Apple will decline in the post-Steve Jobs era, says Forrester CEO George Colony

Eugene Kaspersky says that Apple is 10 years behind MSFT when it comes to security

Ooooh. Spotify is developing a Pandora-like online radio service.

Jack Shafer asks: Who care of Murdoch lobbied?


Kindle sales help Amazon Q1revenue surge

Nutella is actually bad for you. Makers settle 2 class action suits after company claims the treat is good for you.

Who are these people? Obliviously mean couple refuse to give a baseball to crying child.

Joe Biden gave a speech at NYU that wasn’t funny and without any gaffes. People complained.

This is so true!!!! How email and texting have driven people to overuse exclamation points!

Photo of billionaire courtesy of Shutterstock

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