peHUB Second Opinion 4.3

Is it a revolution? Nope, it’s the Baby Beatles. The sons of the Fab Four could be forming a band.

We saw this coming? James Murdoch quits as chairman of BSkyB

More bad news for Groupon. The SEC is examining the company’s first set of financial results as a public company.

Here’s a hilarious fictional account of an exec who resigns after having to hand over their Facebook password.

RIM isĀ accused of infringing six patents owned by NXP Semiconductor, Europe’s third largest chipmaker.

Facebook fights back! FB smacks at Yahoo in counter lawsuit.

Dell has bought Clerity Solutions, an application modernization vendor. This follow Dell’s deal for Wyse Technology.

Is this Solyndra 2? Solar Trust for America received $2.1 bln from the DOE and declared bankruptcy within a year.

Ian Hannam, a top rainmaker at JP Morgan Cazenove, resigns after getting fined by the FSA.

Both David Letterman and Craig Ferguson have renewed their contracts with CBS.