peHUB Second Opinion 4.5

Heirs to old money plunge it into tech. ‘Cuz it’s cool.

Speaking of cool, witness the 10 best cities for hipsters.

By the numbers: Larry Page’s first year as Google’s CEO.

The NYSE has a tough day.

But might Facebook make the Nasdaq even more volatile?

Blackstone buys a whole bunch of warehouses in anticipation of a U.S. recovery.

Private equity firms go for bolt-ons.

President Obama signs the JOBS Act, while Bloomberg writes about the alarming fact that as things stand already, “there is no requirement to disclose a control weakness in a company‚Äôs IPO prospectus.”

Look who’s stalking: the 10 creepiest apps for phones, Facebook, and more.

Gawker lays waste to actor Chevy Chase.

Meme of the Day: Texts from Hillary Clinton.


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