Week’s Top Posts Feature VC Winners in Splunk’s Hot IPO, Fundraising Tips from an LP and Spectrum’s Return on SurveyMonkey

Time to catch up on this week’s big stories. Here are the top 10 peHUB posts that garnered the most pageviews from our regular readers from April 16 -20.

1. If IPOs by Splunk, Infoblox and Proofpoint Are a Hit, VC Backers’ Shares Would Be Worth Over $1.1Bby Reuters News
2. Thrivent’s Wegener: Getting Greedy and Other Mistakes GPs Should Avoid When Fundraisingby Luisa Beltran
3. Spectrum Made Back 50% of SurveyMonkey Deal Alreadyby Luisa Beltran
4. New Mountain to Invest $500M to $600M In AmWINS, in Firm’s Biggest Investment Everby Luisa Beltran
5. UTIMCO Takes A Big Piece Of Ehrenberg’s New Fund, Adds Union Square, True Venturesby Mark Boslet
6. Slideshow: Middle Market Deals Down in Q1, Houlihan Emerges as Top Advisorby Luisa Beltran
7. Infrastructure Fund Set to Close at $2Bby Bernard Vaughan
8. There’s a New King on Facebookby Reuters News
9. Slideshow: The Breakup (PE & VC Edition)by Jonathan Marino
10. New Mountain Capital Backs AmWINS in $1.3B Recap (news brief) – by Staff

Image credit: Top 10 graphic by iStock