peHUB Second Opinion 5.23

MBA candidate alert! Trying out for jobs in VC or PE is a game of chicken

HP Q2 earnings beat but company says in SEC filing that it expects to cut 27,000 jobs

Because we believe in freedom of speech. Here’s Josh Kosman’s editorial “Why PE firms like Bain Really are the Worst of Capitalism.”

Seriously? A day after the KP sexual harassment suit, Sequoia Capital’s McAdoo says the VC business is a “meritocracy. ”

Trying to make friends and other errors women make at work.

Facebook, Morgan Stanley get sued over pre-IPO analyst call.

Why risk your career at an early-stage startup? Because it’s thrilling.

If Zuckerberg had ditched the hoodie and wore something else, would the Facebook IPO have turned out different?

Jonathan Ive, who designed the iPad, iPod and iPhone, was knighted today.

The jury has returned a verdict in the patent infringement case between Oracle and Google. And Google is innocent.

A Dallas pizza chain is offering free pizza to anyone who orders in Spanish. Do they deliver to the East Coast?


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