peHUB Second Opinion 5.24

Dick Fuld Get’s off. SEC staff ends the Lehman probe without taking any enforcement action.

Wah Wah Wah. Facebook doesn’t like how its IPO went and now it wants to switch to the Big Board

Mark Zuckerberg’s new, unpleasant life as head of public company.

The Yankees could go up for sale with a $3 bln value.

Tony Soprano explains Bain Capital.

Parlor Trick  Video: This woman crushes cans with her shoulder blades

Now we understand the Instagram buy. Facebook launches a standalone camera app.

A 20-year old entrepreneur squatted at AOL’s Palo Alto office for two months and built his startup.

Here’s Mark Cuban’s post mortem on the Facebook IPO. It’s a killer but not for the reasons you think.

Marvel creates a superhero who draws his power from a “listening device.” This after a kid refused to wear his hearing aid.


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