peHUB Second Opinion 5.25

Some heated words about Priscilla Chan’s low-key wedding ring.

The original name was Back Rub and other unusual things about Google.

Facebook is the worst performing IPO of the decade.

Rumor Alert I: Facebook is buying browser maker Opera Software

A Moment of Truth? Mitt Romney says that cutting government spending will throw the U.S. into a recession or depression.

Microsoft has big plans for its Windows 8 tablets (it’ll be 80 inches)

Is it okay to give away my old iPhone as a present? No.

The HP team responsible for Enyo is heading over to Google

Poor Siri. She’s criticized and under-appreciated. Now some say Steve Jobs would be embarrassed by her.

Rumor Alert II: Dells is thinking about buying Quest Software

What’s the carry? Hank Greenberg is seeking outside investors to help him fund PE deals that last a decade or longer.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


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