peHUB Second Opinion 5.4

R.I.P. MCA. The Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch passes away.

Five reasons to NOT like Facebook’s IPO.

Will Arriana Huffington get another exit? She admits that HuffPo has been talking to PE.

Third Point has set a deadline of Monday for Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson to resign.

Has Zuck been working out? He’s looking pretty buff in Facebook’s “glossy” roadshow. The Facebook IPO will make Zuckerberg richer than Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer.

This I might use. Thirteen-year-old’s startup, Hiccupops, could cure a very common ailment.

John McAfee was arrested in Belize for reportedly not bribing an official.

The FBI wants to pass a law that requires social networking sites to alter their code so they can be wire-tap friendly.

Text-editing on the iPad isn’t fun. Here’s hot to get Apple to fix this issue.

The mystery of the smoking iPhone has been solved.

How advertising ruined the word “bespoke.”

Here are 5 fake NBA Twitter feeds. My fave is @AAAExtinguisher.

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