peHUB Second Opinion 5.7

Spotted! Mark Zuckerberg is showing up for the Facebook IPO roadshow here in NYC. And Gawker gives us the best of Henry Blodget’s treatise on Zuckerberg.

If VC funds were good investments once upon a time, they’re not any more, says Felix Salmon.

Now that’s a discount. Apple is reportedly is going to release a $799 MacBook Air in third quarter.

Verifone will be launching SAIL, a new payment open platform for merchants.

More than half of U.S. mobile subscribers owned smartphones in March, a study finds.

Apple sues to keep domain name iPhone 5 to itself.

Like a petty child, Third Point demanded that Yahoo provide all documents related to Scott Thompson’s hiring.

R.I. P Meow. It was a valiant effort.


Photo courtesy of Shutterstock