peHUB Second Opinion 5.9

Welcome to the 21st Century! Prez Obama comes out in favor of same sex marriage.

Here’s the analyst, who claims to be a  “flip-flops/t-shirt/shorts kind of guy,” who criticized Zuckerberg for wearing a hoodie to the FB roadshow.

NYC leaps past Boston and is now the fastest growing tech hub in the country. And, Steve Case writes that “There’s something happening in NYC.”

Hostess Brands warns the state of Texas it may have to shutdown and liquidate

Angry birds has been downloaded over one billion times

Cisco Q3 profits beat estimates

Vampire squids don’t always win. How Goldman blew the Facebook IPO.

Lady Gaga will wear 18 different outfits when she appears on The Simpsons’ season finale

R.I.P. Vidal Sassoon. Celebrity stylist dies at 84.

Afraid of flying? This Russian superjet went missing during a test flight with 44 on board.

Fortress Investment to buy Ally Financial in $3 bln deal. 

Image credit: Andy Connors of San Francisco writes on a thank you card for President Barack Obama in the Castro District in San Francisco on May 9, 2012. Obama said he believes same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. Photo by Stephen Lam, Reuters