peHUB First Read

Axialmarket is tracking all the top journalists in PE (of course, several of us are in there)

PE not feeling so thirsty

Bedding Out? Teachers’, others explore bedding deal

Play Ball! Some athletes will–or, they may face charges!

Wanna Get High? Talk to these guys

No DOMA, says judge

Citrix strikes a deal

Startup secrets from a serial entrepreneur

Happy B-day, Camera+!

So Why’d Scott Walker win the recount?

How many jobs did Bain generate?

Is PE having any luck in India?

So, what’s wrong with the JOBS Act?

An environmentally-focused fund

Need a Tuneup, Maybe? Share price down, Pep Boys say they don’t do everything for less–and now, they’re not selling

Feelings Police: FBIPO hurt investor confidence

Image Credit: Jonathan Marino

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