peHUB Second Opinion 6.1

Oh no! Facebook suffers an outage.

Twitter expects to generate at least $1 billion in sales in 2014

Mitt Romney could name his VP running mate early in the summer.

Microsoft is confirming a $15 Windows 8 upgrade

Apple could be considering selling the iPhone directly to consumers.

Netflix amazingly was the biggest U.S. online movie service based on revenue in 2011.

Chicago is one of six cities chosen for national bike lanes program.

Oh no he didn’t! Mayor Bloomberg celebrates national donut day but wants us to give up our Big Gulps.

The  CDC claims that there is not a zombie epidemic despite all the attacks. Do we believe them?

OMG the Tribune Co. may finally exit bankruptcy after three-and-a-half years.

Worse than PE? The depressing gender gap at the nation’s top 71 VC firms.

Middle aged men are turning to “brotox” to get an edge in the job hunt.

Thomas H. Lee is in talks to buy Party City for $2.8 bln