peHUB Second Opinion 6.19

Julian Assange, of Wikileaks, has asked for asylum in Ecuador. Ecuadorian Prez declines an offer of residency.

Silicon Valley BankĀ plans to lend $100 million to the Irish innovation sector.

Microsoft’s Surface, which has a built-in kickstand and a cool cover, shames the PC industry.

Spotify finally launches web radio for real and that’s bad for Pandora.

Google offers is now available for the iPhone.

With Boots sale, KKR should make 2.2x its original investment.

How to land a job at an ad tech start-up.

We’re all fatsos. The U.S. holds about 5% of the world’s population but accounts for 1/3 of the excess weight.

Which filthy rich tech mogul gave themselves a “Let Them Eat Cake” 40th birthday party? Snoop Dogs sang.

Cory Booker, the Newark mayor who saves people, says he and President Obama are solid.

Thank you, Facebook. The value of tech startups has fallen back to earth.

Being a poor listener and other habits of highly ineffective people.

Jamie Dimon, who is testifying before Congress, says JP Morgan was honest with shareholders.

Gilbert Gottfried reads “Fifty Shades of Grey.”


Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Finbarr O’Reilly