peHUB Second Opinion 6.27

Thirty-year-old Battery Ventures hires its first female partner.

Oh yes it did. The S.E.C. has filed civil charges against Phil Falcone. Now the question is: what will his aggressively fashionable wife wear to the trial?

Google unveils a rotund little streaming media device (pictured), makes official its tablet computer designed to take on both Apple and Amazon, and, in a surprisingly bone-headed move, employs a picture of a nearly naked actress in its demonstration.

What won’t San Franciscans do for an unobstructed view of the Bay?

In pieces, how much is News Corp. worth?

The rise of B-school summer camp for undergrads.

Just a taste of why we’ll miss the wonderful Nora Ephron.

The 20 most expensive artworks ever sold at auction, adjusted for inflation.

The FDA approves the first new weight-loss drug in 13 years. (That might come as good news for anyone just learning that not all calories are equal.)

Mashable presents that first full trailer for Tim Burton’s newest, “Frankenweenie.”

Photo: Image courtesy of Google

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