Poll: Did the Supreme Court Ruling Change Your Mind About Who You’re Voting For?

Given the heated reaction to today’s Supreme Court ruling on the healthcare law, we thought it would be a good time to revisit how peHUB readers are feeling about the presidential race. Have you changed your mind since we last polled you on the topic in May? At that time, about 56% favored Gov. Mitt Romney and about 44% supported President Barack Obama.

Did the Supreme Court decision make your change your mind? Take our poll here. (Note that those who voted in our previous poll can participate in the new one.)

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Here is the story we ran about the results from our May poll:

Clear Majority Favors Romney Over Obama; Economy Is Top Issue — Reader Poll

A strong majority of peHUB readers favor Gov. Mitt Romney in the presidential election, a poll of 590 readers shows.

Asked to choose between the two leading candidates, 308 readers (or 55.9%) say Romney should be in charge, while 243 (44.1%) said President Barack Obama deserves a second term. The “other” category pulled in 17 votes, with U.S. Rep. Ron Paul claiming four of those votes.

Our poll runs counter to Gallup’s most recent survey of the general public, which shows Obama with a slight lead over Romney (47% to 45%) for the week of May 21.

Like the general public, peHUB readers are most concerned about the economy, with 393 readers (or 72.2% of the total) describing it as the most important issue in this election. Coming in a distant second was “taxes,” with just under 10% of the total, followed by “social issues” (5.7%), “education” (4.6%), “healthcare” (3.1%), “national security” (2.8%), and “immigration” (1.7%).

Image credit: People protest the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding President Obama’s healthcare law in Washington, D.C., on June 28. Photo by Jason Reed, Reuters