ClickFuel Wraps Up $4M Series B

ClickFuel, a Burlington, Mass.-based maker of SaaS-based marketing analytics and performance management tools, recently closed a $4 million Series B round. Baird Venture Partners was among the investors in the round. The money will go toward development of new products and services, the company said.

ClickFuel, provider of Fuel Station, a SaaS-based marketing analytics and performance management solution tailored for small to medium-sized businesses, today announced that it is now providing more than 200,000 activated dashboards for SMBs to access, track and monitor marketing initiatives and results. Through more than two dozen partners, Fuel Station addresses the challenge SMBs face in maximizing online marketing spending, tracking campaign effectiveness and reducing the time necessary to analyze campaign data.

With Fuel Station, ClickFuel partners such as The E.W. Scripps Company, DudaMobile and Propel Marketing, a GateHouse Media company, provide their SMB customers with comprehensive marketing dashboards that address the complexity of marketing and advertising campaign performance. This dashboard delivers data on a single platform to empower decision-making and improve campaign productivity and presence. ClickFuel partners also leverage Fuel Station’s back-end business intelligence platform to improve account managers’ efficiency, differentiate their businesses in the crowded media industry, increase customer lifetime value and reduce customer churn.

“The Fuel Station dashboard has quickly become an invaluable tool for our account executives from coast to coast,” said Adam Symson, chief digital officer of Scripps, a leading media enterprise. “Our television stations and newspapers are focused on providing the market’s most-effective solutions for our advertisers, and Fuel Station makes it possible to measure and track our success so customers have actionable evidence that we’re helping them build their businesses.”

“Providing our customers with transparency into their marketing investments across all mediums helps us build trust and lasting relationships with them. As a convergent resource that fully integrates all components of a marketing campaign from pay-per-click to behavioral analytics to call tracking, Fuel Station makes it easy for our clients to visualize their campaigns and returns on investment, and helps our account managers better serve our customers,” said Dave Myer, director of advertising operations at DudaMobile, an online platform that converts websites into mobile friendly websites.

As the number of Fuel Station users grows exponentially, ClickFuel’s funding base is expanding as well. The company recently closed a $4 million Series B Round with Baird Venture Partners among the participants. The investment will be used to develop new products and services to expand the use of Fuel Station in data and business intelligence applications.

“Through our partnerships, we are changing the paradigm of how online digital media is purchased and sold,” said Steve Pogorzelski, CEO of ClickFuel. “With our recent funding, we will continue to provide unparalleled insight, changing the marketing and advertising campaign purchasing process from intuition and experimentation to predictive modeling and performance driven results.”

About ClickFuel

ClickFuel provides software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based marketing analytics and performance management solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. The company’s proprietary marketing analytics dashboard, Fuel Station, tracks and monitors multiple marketing and advertising campaigns on a single platform. ClickFuel offers a white-label version of Fuel Station to media and marketing service providers and enterprise-level businesses serving the SMB market, such as The E.W. Scripps Company, DudaMobile and Propel Marketing, a GateHouse company. ClickFuel arms its partners’ SMB clients with reliable, on-demand campaign reporting that delivers real-time results and data intelligence to ignite smarter business decisions.