Apperian Gets Intel Capital Backing

Enterprise mobile application management business Apperian has received a strategic investment from Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment and M&A organization. The additional capital will build on previous investments Bessemer Venture Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and North Bridge Venture Partners and brings Apperian’s total funding to date to $28 million.


Enterprise mobile application management (MAM) pioneer Apperian,Inc. today announced that the company has received a strategicinvestment from Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment and M&Aorganization. The additional capital builds on previous investmentsfrom top firms including Bessemer Venture Partners, Kleiner PerkinsCaufield & Byers, and North Bridge Venture Partners and bringsApperian’s total funding to date to 28 million. The investment comesat a time where Apperian is seeing significant growth due to theincreasing demand for technology that can help enterprises manage andsecure mobile applications and tackle BYOD head-on.

“Apperian is helping enterprises transform the way they do businessby enabling the secure deployment and management of enterprisecontent and mobile apps,” said Lisa Lambert, vice president of IntelCapital and managing director of the Software and Services sector.”With new mobile devices, operating system updates, and innumerablemobile apps entering the enterprise every day, Apperian makes itpossible for IT departments to overcome this complexity and takeadvantage of the value that enterprise mobility delivers.”

“Traditional approaches to mobile security are intrusive andcumbersome — which frustrates users,” said David Patrick, CEO atApperian. “We’re taking a different approach by protecting whatmatters most, the enterprise mobile apps and the data. This drivesbreakthrough user adoption, especially in BYOD environments.”

Building on Success: MAM Momentum Accelerates

2012 was a hallmark year for Apperian with strong revenue growth andseveral industry recognitions. The company saw an impressive 276percent growth in its subscription business over the past 12 months,which stems directly from the rapid adoption of its EASE Platform.Users of Apperian’s EASE Platform tripled in 2012 and its customerbase more than doubled. The company also added several notablecustomers and strategic partnerships including relationships withBMC, Jones Lang LaSalle, The Boston Celtics, Ivie & Associates, Alexand Ani, TELUS Corporation, Mocana, and Appcelerator.

“With Apperian’s help, we’re pushing the mobile envelope bydeveloping and securely deploying a series of mobile applicationsthat empower our employees to use whatever device they’d like,” saidGregory Adams, managing director at Jones Lang LaSalle, a customer ofApperian. “The experience is seamless, which drives adoption andspeed to market — getting our tools in the hands of our users toimprove productivity in a secure manner.”

Apperian received several industry recognitions in 2012, highlightingthe growing popularity and notoriety of its leading technology. Thisyear, Apperian was named one of the ‘Top Private Companies’ byAlwaysOn and OnMobile. The company was also named one of the ‘TopPlaces to Work’ by the Boston Globe this year which helped attracttop-tier talent to the rapidly growing firm. During the year,Apperian opened up new offices in Europe and expanded its team withseveral key hires in sales, marketing and engineering.

“2012 has been a hallmark year for Apperian and we see a tremendousopportunity ahead,” added Patrick. “There’s no question that theindustry is transitioning to mobile platforms and we’re leading thecharge by empowering hundreds of businesses to authenticate, secure,deploy, and manage their business apps, which is driving ourmomentum.”

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About Intel Capital Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment and M&Aorganization, makes equity investments in innovative technologystart-ups and companies worldwide. Intel Capital invests in a broadrange of companies offering hardware, software, and servicestargeting enterprise, mobility, health, consumer Internet, digitalmedia and semiconductor manufacturing. Since 1991, Intel Capital hasinvested more than US10.8 billion in over 1,276 companies in 54countries. In that timeframe, 201 portfolio companies have gonepublic on various exchanges around the world and 317 were acquired orparticipated in a merger. In 2012, Intel Capital invested US352million in 150 investments with approximately 57 percent of fundsinvested outside North America. For more information on Intel Capitaland its differentiated advantages, visit orfollow @Intelcapital.

About Apperian Apperian is the leading provider of mobileapplication management (MAM) technology. The company’s EASE platformdelivers enterprise mobility services that enable many of the world’slargest corporations to securely manage the full lifecycle of mobileapps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Apperian is empowering theliberated enterprise to support the BYOD revolution by lettingemployees leverage personal tablets and smartphones to increaseproductivity. Headquartered in Boston, Apperian has been named one ofthe Top Places to Work by the Boston Globe and continues to getrecognized by the industry for its unique and innovative approach tomobile application management.

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