peHUB Friday First Read

Friday Morning Wilburys? Friday Morning Wilburys.

Junior Seau died to prove a point. And, it seems, he was absolutely right.

What’s Christopher Nolan going to do next?

Deep cuts at AmEx

Adam Ludwin put it best: Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, wash your hands

Do we have a state pension time bomb on our hands–is it time to eliminate state pensions?

More Cuts… SAC lays off in Chi-town. Those Chicago guys.

Oh, Behave! Yale professor slapped with suspension

Social Networkers: The Twitter strategies of Cory Booker & Chuck Grassley

What happens when you cast Lindsay Lohan in your movie? Pretty much what you’d expect. And then some.

Jack Lew, welcome to the jungle!

Image Credit: Jonathan Marino

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