Tapiture Taps into New Round


What would the bushy-haired, red-faced kid from the now-infamous Bar Refaeli Super Bowl ad tap into for consumer media?

Tapiture, probably. The offshoot from the brothers that developed theCHIVE.com just secured $825,000 after John and Leo Resig, of Resignation Media, decided to spin Tapiture out of Resignation and put it under the leadership of John Ellis in 2012.

The seed round will be used to double staff to about a dozen, including adding e-commerce pros with deep merchant relationships, says Ellis, who spoke with peHUB.

Later this quarter, Tapiture will unveil a mobile app—but already the startup is getting strong traction from the desktop.

There are almost one million pieces of content that have been “tapped” to the site, which is pretty much like Pinterest—but skewed much more toward men (Think: Men who really enjoyed Sunday’s GoDaddy Refaeli ad). That isn’t to say there aren’t plenty of opportunities for marketers as well; clothes and tech gadgets get plenty of attention on Tapiture–as do ‘taps’ for pictures of exquisite coffee.

Ellis also notes that Tapiture will introduce an e-commerce function, so that readers who view content at the site have an opportunity to buy it (and, so Tapiture can get a piece of the commission and credit). There isn’t any specific timeline for the e-commerce implementation, Ellis said.

Although the company isn’t eyeing any new regions for expansion, Ellis said traffic for Tapiture in Europe has been impressive.

Specifics on the funding were not publicized; only that “funding was secured through private angel investors.” Ellis says no institutional investors were harmed in the raising of this round, and that he’s anticipating VC investors will participate in the next round for Tapiture in about a year’s time.

Image Credit: Tapiture