peHUB Second Opinion 3.7.13


You can eat only one TINY sausage a day before you risk cancer.

Michael Dell battles to protect the $24.4 billion buyout of Dell.

Pandora Q4 earnings are better than expected.

Al Gore has been sued over Current TV’s $500 million sale to Al Jazeera.

Is big better? Check out Facebook’s new News Feed. And Mashable says FB gets simpler and more complicated.

Licensing negotiations delay Apple’s Internet radio service.

After six months on the job, Marissa Mayer gets a $1 mln bonus.

Washington D.C. weatherman gets a time out after expected big snow storm fails to hit.

What U.N. sanctions? North Korea unlikely to give up its nuclear program.

Mariano Rivera will retire after 2013.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

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