FundersClub Posts First Year Investment Figures

As most of you know, starting a venture fund is no easy task. Especially when the fund is breaking the paradigm with a new model. This is exactly what FundersClub is trying to do with an online model that lets accredited investors participate in managed funds that invest in startups.

The company released an update on its business late last week to mark its one-year anniversary. In its first 12 months, FundersClub (and its accredited online investors) have placed $7.2 million in 31 young companies, according to the update. That means the average investment is a little over $230,000, a healthy angel-round size.

More than 60% of the companies are enterprise software or e-commerce initiatives, with another 13% targeting consumer Web businesses.

In terms of who is participating, FundersClub has 6,700 registered investors who write an average check of $6,839. About a third of them are executives, directors or vice presidents.

Here are the details. FundersClub is backed by a long list of firms, including First Round Capital, Intel Capital, Spark Capital and Andreessen Horowitz.