SunBridge Global Ventures backs SEO platform Ginzamarkets

SunBridge Global Ventures has made an undisclosed investment in Ginzamarkets. Headquartered in San Francisco, Ginzamarkets is an enterprise SEO platform.


Tokyo, Japan (PRWEB) December 17, 2013
Global seed accelerator SunBridge Global Ventures Inc. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President & CEO: Ikuo Hiraishi; henceforth “SunBridge GV”), via SunBridge Startups LLP (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Partner: Ikuo Hiraishi; henceforth “SunBridge Startups”) run by SunBridge GV affiliates, has invested in Ginzamarkets,Inc. (head office: San Francisco,CA, USA; CEO: Ray Grieselhuber) which is undertaking the development and the sales of “Ginzametrics”, a management and analysis platform of Enterprise SEO.
“Ginzametrics” is a useful platform for managing and analyzing the strategy and operation of SEO, for enterprises who manage a large number of websites and large scale websites by themselves and production companies who undertake the management of such websites. Its simple dashboard specialized to SEO realizes comfortable operation and visibility, by summarizing and displaying the information required by the person responsible for SEO such as the competitor comparisons, notable movements in keywords, etc.
It also has an enhanced reporting function which, not only automatically measures and displays the number of keyword inflow and conversions, the ranking in computer searches, but also automatically samples and reports issues with SEO and reports global advice responding to these issues. Furthermore its administrative screen is available in 5 languages and reaches approximately 65 markets around the world.
Ray Grieselhuber, CEO of this company founded Firewatching Media , a SEO consulting company in Japan, where he had been in his student days, following his position as the chief architect and product development in Covario based in San Diego California , USA.
In 2010 he participated in the program of Y-Combinator, a famous Seed accelerator in Silicon Valley, and in that year he founded Ginzamarkets at Mountain View, California. Investment was received by 500startups, etc. as well as from Y-Combinator.
He named his company and his product “Ginza”, because many of the Japanese clients are in Ginza, and also because he felt that the image of Ginza, the shopping street, perfectly suited the subject of his new product (e-commerce).
“Ginzametrics” is introduced into, GAP, Recruit, Golf Digest Online, etc. It is used by global companies, major EC sites, media sites, lead generation sites, advertising agencies and so on.
The plan for the future is to not only remain as an SEO tool but to advance into the content marketing sector including sales promotion, in anticipation of further international development.
【About Ginzamarkets】
Company Name: Ginzamarkets, Inc.
Location:  25 Taylor Street,San Francisco, CA 94041
Established: May 27 2010
Repesentative: CEO Ray Grieselhuber
【About Sunbridge Global Ventures】
SunBridge Global Ventures supports young entrepreneurs following the three major trends of smartphones, social media and cloud computing by providing them know-how cultivated in the past 10 years under the name of SunBridge Global Venture Habitat. Startups invested in so far include, Macromill, OKWave, ITMedia and istyle.