Bow & Drape sews up $1.2 mln

Bow & Drape has received $1.2 million in funding. The investors included VegasTechFund, Great Oaks Venture Capital and Triple Point Capital. Headquartered in New York City, Bow & Drape is a fashion platform that allows women to customize clothes.


New York, New York — January 30th, 2014 — Bow & Drape, a fashion brand and platform which allows women to customize high quality garments, announced today that it has raised $1.2 million in funding. Included among the list of investors are Tony Hsieh’s VegasTechFund, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Triple Point Capital, and Jeff Fluhr via Angel Hub. All funds will be used to support the company’s continued growth and expansion, as Bow & Drape just recently relocated its headquarters from Boston to New York City.
“We are eager to continue evolving the Bow & Drape brand and are elated to have such an incredible team of investors behind us,” said Aubrie Pagano, founder and CEO of Bow & Drape. “Our business model empowers shoppers to celebrate their tastes and build a personal statement into every garment in a simple, fun way. This is an exciting time for us to pave the way and show what’s possible when high tech and high fashion fuse together.”
Since Bow & Drape’s launch in 2012, the business experienced nearly 300% revenue growth and in 2013, the company has maintained a return rate of under 6%. All products are manufactured in New York City and Las Vegas, and are shipped worldwide. Coming from Vegas is Andy White, who oversees Tony Hsieh’s VegasTechFund, who says, “we’re excited about the team’s use of premium customization to create a more emotional connection between the customer and their design.” With the mission to instill a relationship between women and their clothes, Bow & Drape offers over one million possibilities for customization, allowing each shopper to wear pieces that make a personal statement and promote self-confidence.
Bow & Drape celebrates individualization among women and wants them to feel special and beautiful. The brand features weekend wear for ladies who want to look chic, feminine and effortless, and incorporates creative technology into the shopping experience. The proprietary “design studio” lets women see their actual creations as they build them and produces photo-realistic garments on screen. “This is the future of fashion: disintegration into total individuality,” said Pagano. “I want to get women back to wearing clothes for more than 20 seconds. These are pieces they will love and tell stories about for 20 years.”
About Bow & Drape:
Bow & Drape was founded in Boston in 2012 by Aubrie Pagano, who is also the brand’s CEO & Creative Director. The company allows women to customize their own clothing, blending together high tech and high fashion to make a one of a kind garment every time. All products are made here in the USA in New York City and Las Vegas, Nevada and are shipped worldwide. For more information about Bow & Drape, please visit


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