Knome snares $13 mln

Knome has raised $13 million in funding. The investors were not named. Based in Cambridge, Mass., Knome is a provider of human genome interpretation systems and services.


CAMBRIDGE, MA – Knome, Inc. announced that it has successfully closed a $13 Million financing round led by current investors. The funds will be used to promote growth and expansion of its genomic services and software systems businesses.
Since 2007, Knome, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has been a pioneer in the fast growing business of interpretation of next generation sequencing (NGS) genomic data. The company has used its bioinformatics expertise and proprietary technology platform across more than 130 projects for biopharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.
Knome is now developing its technology into products that support clinical laboratory operations. As previously announced, Knome offers a fully integrated system for the management and interpretation of human genome sequence data. The system is the combination of analytical and workflow software, knoSOFT, and a powerful grid computing platform, the knoSYS™100. The first systems were delivered to NGS clinical labs in 2013. “We see a great need for our products in commercial and academic clinical labs adopting NGS technology in their move into precision medicine,” said Knome CEO Wolfgang Daum. “The knoSYS provides a secure, fast computing environment behind the customer’s firewall, while knoSOFT encapsulates the lab’s expertise and access to the public and institutional knowledge needed to provide the timely, reproducible, high quality services their customers require.”
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About Knome
Knome Inc. is a leading provider of human genome interpretation systems and services. Knome provides tools and solutions that help researchers, drug developers, and clinicians determine the genetic basis of human disease and drug response. Designed to accelerate and industrialize the process of interpreting whole genomes, Knome’s big data technologies are helping to pave the healthcare industry’s transition to molecular-based, precision medicine.


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