SOLS Systems scores $1.75 mln in seed funds

SOLS Systems has raised $1.75 million in seed financing. Lux Capital led the round with participation from RRE Ventures, Rothenberg Ventures, Terrawatt Ventures, Smart Garden and Advanced Laser Materials. SOLS Systems is a maker of customized wearables.


NEW YORK, NY – January 28, 2014 — SOLS Systems, a leading developer of customized wearables designed to enhance the human body, announced the close of a $1.75 million seed financing led by Lux Capital, with participation from investors including RRE Ventures, Rothenberg Ventures, Terrawatt Ventures, Smart Garden, and strategic partner Advanced Laser Materials (ALM). The funding is focused on developing SOLS, digitally manufactured dynamic orthotics.

Feet are incredibly complex machines. They are the foundation of the human body and are critical to helping us move through our world. Yet over 70% of people in the United States have experienced foot pain. At best a distraction, at worst a crippling impediment, foot pain hampers even the most basic activities. SOLS Systems seeks to alleviate foot pain with dynamic, custom orthotics designed to correct posture, improve performance, and help people do more longer.

The $4 billion orthotics and insole market is fragmented and has seen no innovation over the past decade. Consumer sector purchases are motivated by impulse, and medical sector purchases are reactions to pain. SOLS believes the market for orthopedic insoles
sits at a fraction of its potential due to the negative stigma associated with the product category.

SOLS are generated from a complex computer vision system that transforms a 10 second smartphone video into a high definition 3D foot model, from which a personalized orthotic is generated and then 3D printed. By lowering the barrier to entry for data capture, SOLS puts the technology in everyone’s hands.

Founded in July 2013 by CEO Kegan Schouwenburg and COO Joel Wishkovsky, SOLS Systems leverages cutting edge 3D scanning and printing technologies to deliver the most accurate and comfortable products available.

“By offering made to measure orthotics designed to fit your shoes, feet, and life, we’re empowering customers to wear the footwear they love, not the footwear they need,” says Schouwenburg.

“By combining generative design with 3D printing, we can adapt to customer needs and to the market in real time. This radical new method of development allows us to innovate and ship at speeds not possible with traditional manufacturing.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Kegan, Joel, and the entire SOLS Systems team,” says Zack Schildhorn, Vice President at Lux Capital. “They are bringing incredible passion and truly disruptive technology to an industry that is ripe for change. 3D printing enables SOLS to make profoundly personal products for every single customer in a highly scalable fashion.”

SOLS orthotics will initially be available through SOLS certified podiatrists in Spring 2014.

Doctors interested in participating in the early adopter program can apply at By improving on existing processes, integrating dynamic footbed technology, and streamlining product quality with digital manufacturing, SOLS gives doctors the tools they need to solve advanced foot problems in a reliable and consistent way.

“This is a truly revolutionary shift for the market – we are taking a traditional molding process and bringing it 100% into the digital age,” says COO Joel Wishkovsky. “It’s faster, easier, and more accurate.”

SOLS plans to enter the consumer market in 2015 with a focus on comfort, performance, and customization. “Imagine a future where any shoe can be powered by SOLS,” says Schouwenburg. “We see huge partnership opportunities at every level of our process from manufacture to distribution to point of sale. SOLS will make custom fit footwear accessible to everyone.”

About SOLS Systems

SOLS Systems was founded in 2013 by Kegan Schouwenburg and Joel Wishkovsky to develop custom, dynamic orthotics leveraging the latest in 3D printing and scanning technologies. Kegan is a leading voice in 3D printing and mass customization and is focused on bringing nascent technology, beauty, and simplicity into new markets. She previously founded a consumer design and manufacturing firm, and built and ran the
Factory of the Future at Shapeways, a leading 3D printing company. Joel is passionate about bridging the digital divide and impacting the physical world with technical tools in a meaningful way. Previously, Joel founded Card Gnome, a customized stationery ecommerce company, and was part of the prestigious IT leadership program at GE. Since SOLS Systems’ inception, the team has grown to encompass advanced technical skills in engineering, biomechanics, software development, and mathematical modeling. Together, the team is bringing design thinking to an untouched space.

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