Health startup MD Revolution scores $7 mln

San Diego digital health startup MD Revolution has secured $7 million in Series B funding from unnamed “individual investors.” In conjunction with the funding, MD Revolution has named Jean Balgrosky, co-founder of Bootstrap Incubation and Andy Sassine, former portfolio manager for Fidelity Investments, to its board of directors.


SAN DIEGO – Digital health company MD Revolution, Inc. today announced it has raised $7 million in a Series B found of funding. All the funding originated from individual investors and the round brings total funding to date to $8 million. Concurrent with the financing, Jean Balgrosky, Co-Founder of Bootstrap Incubation and previously CIO of Scripps Health and Andy Sassine, previously portfolio manager for Fidelity Investments, have been appointed to the MD Revolution Board of Directors.
“The response we have received from private investors demonstrates that employers are looking for solutions that reduce the cost burden of chronic disease in their workforce. MD Revolution has demonstrated with our clinical and corporate outcomes that we can engage employees and measurably improve their health,” said Dr. Samir Damani, a practicing cardiologist and founder and CEO of MD Revolution.
MD Revolution’s digital health solution, RevUp! Health Accelerated, enables individuals to track their health, fitness and nutrition data on one seamless platform, and then provides the tools and medically supervised coaching to help individuals improve habits and live healthier, more productive lives.
The company has also just completed a major pilot at Sharp Healthcare that demonstrates the ability of RevUp! to reverse chronic disease risks. The pilot was comprised of a group of nearly 200 Sharp employees each with two or more risk factors for chronic disease.
“We saw statistically significant improvements in less than 90 days in weight, BMI, visceral fat, body fat and cardiorespiratory fitness levels,” said Dr. Damani. “A number of the pilot participants have come off their blood pressure and diabetes medications and normalized lab tests, among other salutary effects.”
MD Revolution has also grown dramatically, from 15 employees to 38 over the course of six months, to support the recent Sharp HealthCare pilot and to provide the digital coaching for its now fully digital corporate product. The corporate team has ramped up to support continued build-out of new functionality for the platform as well as new distribution channels, joint ventures and strategic partnerships.
About MD Revolution
MD Revolution is revolutionizing healthcare delivery by harnessing the power of digital health. MD Revolution’s digital health solution RevUp! Health Accelerated empowers employees and consumers to take control of their own health. With RevUp! participants can predict, prevent and reverse the impact of chronic disease and live a healthier and more energized lifestyle. RevUp!’s patent-pending predictive intelligence engine helps individuals improve their health screening results, body composition, metabolism and cardiovascular fitness with the help of mobile devices and apps. Each user receives a customized program based on individual goals, risk factors and preferences. Participants and their team of medically supervised health coaches track progress via the RevUp! digital health management platform, all in a secure HIPPA compliant environment.