New online community Hubub scores $8.5 mln

Hubub has secured $8.5 million in Series A funding. The investors included Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Todd Ruppert, former CEO of T. Rowe Price Global Investment Services and Tom Kalaris, former CEO of Barclays Wealth & Investment Management. Based in New York, Hubub is a new online community for users with shared interests.


February 20, 2014 — New York — Hubub Inc., the company behind a new online community based on shared interests, today announced that it has raised $8.5 million in a Series A funding round. The investment was made by a small group of private investors and institutions, including Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Todd Ruppert, former CEO of T. Rowe Price Global Investment Services, and Tom Kalaris, former CEO of Barclays Wealth & Investment Management.
The pioneers of the World Wide Web envisioned a global public square, but what followed were chat rooms and forums, then one-way blogs and comment stacks, and now text streams. While the technology was always there to make dialogue possible, it never facilitated real community because it wasn’t easy. On hubub’s platform, now it is.
Integration. More than the technological maturity of the tools themselves (video, sharing, etc.), the real advancement is the effective integration of those tools on a single interface. This is what makes it so easy to engage on hubub. Users can instantly show, tell, and share in the way that’s right for them, selecting from a suite of tools that marries the best of publishing technology with the best of social media technology.
Community true believers. Hubub fundamentally believes in that original vision of community — that respectful dialogue can lead to more understanding and meaningful insights. Hubub’s respect for user privacy, property and partnership lays the foundation for a flourishing community.
High quality community = high quality content. Hubub is organized around user-generated topics. The organic community activity around the topics refines and filters the most valuable information about them. What’s produced is a search capability based on the power of the collective human brain instead of an algorithm.
Peter L. Corsell, hubub founder and CEO, made the announcement.
“Hubub gives passionate fans, opinionated experts, and obsessive enthusiasts the best tools on the web to share their ideas and interests,” said Corsell. “In the process, collaborative broadcasts on topic areas are formed, offering even non-enthusiasts a powerful new source of information and entertainment. We’ve been quietly developing and testing the product and are very excited about its potential.”
Corsell is the founder and Chairman of GridPoint, an established leader in the cleantech industry. Corsell also serves on the boards of Clearpath, an immigration software company, and inStream, a software platform for independent financial advisors. Hubub’s Series A financing is providing capital for overall growth of the operation and the development of hubub mobile, which is due in February.
Before quietly lifting the curtain on its beta product, hubub was focused exclusively on product development with a team of engineers based in Toronto, Canada. Hubub also has business offices in Miami and New York.

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