Bitcoin exchange OKCoin snags $10 mln Series A funds

OKCoin has raised $10 million in Series A financing. Investors included Mandra Capital, VenturesLab and Ceyuan Ventures. Based in China, OKCoin is a bitcoin trading platform.


OKCoin announced the completion of ten million U.S. dollars level A round of financing, completion time is the end of 2013, venture capital investment institutions including the policy source, Man Figure capital, entrepreneurial workshops, such as venture capital funds, and other angel investors and advisers: the famous angel investors Cai Wensheng, serves network founder Huang Jin, CSDN founder Jiang Tao, president of the China Youth Angel Yang Ning, Pre-Angel founder Wang Lijie, Lin Lei Feng network founder and military. This is one of the largest cases of financing global bitcoin fields.
Source of venture capital policy is China’s oldest venture capital funds early, its founder, Mr. Feng Bo is very optimistic about the future of Bitcoin and star Xu and his team, he thinks Bitcoin is a major innovation in the history of the Internet. Partner entrepreneurship workshops Tim Draper has a reputation godfather of Silicon Valley venture capital, he invested in a series of our familiar star companies such as: Hotmail, Baidu, Skype, and Tesla, Tim Draper, founder of DFJ as many public occasions that optimistic Bitcoin. His son Adam Draper created to focus on areas of bitcoins incubator Boost VC, Draper family has invested in a series of bitcoins companies, such as coin, coinlab, korbit, for OKCoin Draper family on investment is a global investment bitcoin layout an important part. OKCoin investors and bitcoin supporters and believers Jimmy just been optimistic about bitcoin, he strongly supported the popularity of bitcoin work is to establish a strategic vision of China in this global financial game’s greatest war, do not let the Chinese children once again become the world’s poor.
OKCoin at the end of 2013 to complete the field of domestic bitcoin A maximum amount of the financing round, had heard the internet circles, a few months after it chose to defer announced, OKCoin founder Xu star said, “we’re a bunch of buried children who work, effort in product innovation and customer service. ” According to many users reflect OKCoin, OKCoin user experience is the best recent OKCoin in the country’s first P2P currency financing melt on line, is OKCoin’s make the effort. Combined with just the circle to try Bitcoin Bitcoin P2P lending and trading platform, it is an innovative Internet community, and perhaps will bring new inspiration internet banking. The purpose of the star Xu is very simple, just a bit in order to enhance the functionality and usability currency, the Bitcoin currency finance financial interest in the sources of funding and market-oriented platform to avoid the possibility of inflated money or coins to protect users financial security.
Recently OKCoin become China’s first virtual currency trading platform trading volume, line after bitcoin daily trading volume on the creation of a financial financing a new high of 300,000 coins, Wright currency daily trading volume is reached 13 million. Xu said the star, get cash A round of financing will be mainly invested into the company’s team-building, product development, and security systems above, OKCoin been the property of the customer’s security as a top priority, the top venture capital support will make us more good customer service.
Currently vice president of the company’s brand-building former host of the Travel Channel beautiful but what a performance is very modest: “Star is a typical house technology, the company is also a technology-based company, the company has recruited all aspects of technology, finance, operations, etc. top talent at home and abroad, and plans to expand overseas markets, there are a number of VC B round of financing with the company to discuss the matter. “

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