Speek racks up $5.1 mln

Speek has closed $5.1 million in Series A funding. The investors included 500 Startups, Edward Norton, Crystal Tech Fund, CNF Investments and Middleland Capital. Based in Ashburn, Virginia, Speek is a provider of free and visual web and mobile conference calling solutions.


Speek, the fastest and easiest way to do conference calls, has raised a Series A round of funding. Speek will be using the new funding to grow their disruptive conference calling service into the SMB and enterprise market with the launch of their new Speek for Teams platform.
Key Points
About the round:
$5.1 million in total funding
Series A
Participants include 500 Startups, Edward Norton, Paul Singh and his new Crystal Tech Fund, CNF Investments & Middleland Capital
Notable investors include:
500 Startups, Paul Singh and his new Crystal Tech Fund, Middleland Capital, CNF Investments
Edward Norton (actor, director, producer)
Founders of Blackboard (Michael Chasen), WeddingWire (Timothy Chi, Sonny Ganguly), CrowdRise (Jeffrey Wolfe, Robert Wolfe), Webs (Haroon Mokhtarzada, Zeki Mokhtarzada)
About Speek:
Speek was founded in 2012 by John Bracken and Danny Boice
Speek works by giving users a simple Speek link, like speek.com/YourName, instead of a dial-in or bridge
Speek allows callers to join a conference call with a single button click from anywhere – computer, smartphone, tablet, feature phone
You can try Speek out at www.speek.com or by searching “Speek” in any mobile app store
Awards: Wall Street Journal’s “top 20 startups of the year”, Entrepreneur magazine’s “100 most brilliant companies”, and PCMag’s “Top 100 Websites of 2013”
Partnership deals: Dell, Zirtual, Microsoft, Blackberry, and others yet to be announced
Main revenue channel is Speek for Teams which is our business offering
“This round of fundraising will give us the capital to rapidly expand our reach into the SMB and Enterprise market with our new Speek for Teams service.”
– John Bracken, Co-Founder and CEO, Speek
“The old fashioned phone number and pin conference calling experience is so bad that it is the subject of numerous viral videos and satire. Speek has successful re-invented this experience using the latest mobile and web technologies to make conference calling simpler and more productive for customers. Our Speek for Teams service which will make conference calling more personalized to the user and business and allow team members become more productive via simple collaboration features around your meeting data. ”
– John Bracken, Co-Founder and CEO, Speek
“With this round of financing we are looking to expand our service beyond individuals and professionals and into the business segment with our new Speek for Teams service. This capital will allow us to rapidly evolve our service and expand our sales and marketing efforts.”
– John Bracken, Co-Founder and CEO, Speek
About Speek
Speek is super simple, free and visual conference calling for the web and mobile. Use a personal or business link (i.e., speek.com/YourName), instead of a phone number and PIN for conference calls. Nothing to download and no elevator music. See who’s joined, who’s talking, share files, use call controls and more. Reserve your Speek link at www.speek.com.


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