Alven Capital and 360 Capital Partners back Infinit

Infinit has raised $1.8 million in funding from Alven Capital and 360 Capital Partners. Based in Paris, Infinit is a file-sharing application.


New York, NY: 28 May 2014 – Infinit, the file sharing application that lets you send any file, of any size or type, across any operating system or device, today announced $1.8 million in funding as well as the release of its first full-featured version. The company aims to make file sharing easier by proposing both private file transfers and public link sharing. The launch comes six months after the announcement of its first beta and 10 weeks into the Techstars NYC accelerator program. Infinit’s funding was raised with Alven Capital and 360 Capital Partners, two major French venture capital funds.
Within two months of its beta launch, Infinit was adopted by freelancers and studios in the creative fields of design, sound and film around the world. While the promise of unlimited file sharing is appealing, they tout the application for its simplification of the file sharing process and its clean design.
While discussions with several French venture capital funds were progressing in Paris, the team arrived in New York this March to participate in the Techstars New York accelerator program, a prestigious program that supports promising early stage technology companies. As the team worked towards its full-featured product, released today, Alven Capital and 360 Capital Partners acknowledged that Infinit is becoming a standard way of sharing files and that there is opportunity to shake up the $9 billion file sharing. The $1.8 million round of funding, closed Tuesday, will serve to grow the company’s userbase and challenge incumbents such as Dropbox, Box, WeTransfer and Hightail.
TThe startup has its roots in CEO, Julien Quintard’s PhD research on peer-to-peer technologies at the University of Cambridge. In 2012, Quintard and his childhood friend, Baptiste Fradin founded Infinit. At the time, the Paris startup ecosystem was still young and access to capital was reserved for revenue generating companies in their early stages of growth.
Later that year, Quintard and Fradin were introduced to two successful entrepreneurs turned business angels. Convinced by the founders’ vision and the potential of the technology, the angels committed to invest. That initial commitment led to a $500,000 fundraising round, bringing in four additional investors. With a prototype and its modest funding, Infinit began building its team of 8 designers and engineers.
The full-featured version of Infinit is available today and proposes both private transfers and a public sharing feature. Private file transfers are end-to-end encrypted and connect a sender and recipient without passing through the cloud. To share publicly, a user can select any number of files, and generate a public link that can be posted anywhere on the web including in an email, on a forum or in a tweet.
Infinit is available to download for free on Mac and Windows. For more information about Infinit, please visit
Infinit is a desktop application that enables users to share files of unlimited size, publicly and privately from one person to another, without passing through the cloud. Childhood friends, Baptiste Fradin and Julien Quintard, founded Infinit in 2012 while participating in the Parisian incubator, Le Camping. Infinit is currently attending the Techstars New York City accelerator program.
Based in Paris, Infinit has raised a total of $2.3 million in funding to date and includes investors such as Alven Capital, 360 Capital Partners, Alive Ideas and several French angel investors. Infinit is available to download for free on both Mac and Windows.

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