Andreessen Horowitz powers up Mesosphere with $10 mln Series A

San Francisco-based Mesosphere announced it has raised $10 million in Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz,with an additional $500,000 in funding from Data Collective and Fuel Capital. The company, which also has an office in Germany, provides an operating system for data centers to read the open source Apache Mesos. It previously raised $2.25 million in seed funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Foundation Capital and SV Angel. The company was founded by former engineers from Twitter and AirBnB, which are using the open source Mesos.


Mesosphere Closes $10M Series A Funding From Andreessen Horowitz to Commercialize Google-Like Datacenter Scale With the Power of Mesos

Company to accelerate the growth and adoption of Apache Mesos, the Open Source platform that’s powering Twitter, AirBnB and other Internet giants’ datacenters, public and private clouds

SAN FRANCISCO – (Marketwired June 9, 2014) — Mesosphere, a new startup founded by engineers from Twitter and Airbnb, today announced it has closed $10 million in series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz (, with an additional $500K in funding from DataCollective and Fuel Capital. The company will use the money to accelerate adoption of the open source datacenter and cloud technology platform, Apache Mesos, by providing new enterprise products and commercial support.

Mesos is an open source platform that’s in heavy production use for major brands that sought more efficient ways to scale applications across the datacenter and cloud. Twitter runs its entire private datacenters on top of Mesos (where it is widely credited for deprecating the “Fail Whale”). AirBnB and HubSpot manage their Amazon cloud infrastructures with Mesos. Other companies “powered by Mesos” both in private datacenters and cloud environments (private / public / hybrid) include:  eBay, Netflix, OpenTable, PayPal, and many more.

“Mesosphere is driving the next generation datacenter defined by companies like Google and Twitter,” said Peter Levine, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz and former CEO of Xensource, a virtualization pioneer. “These companies build some of the most reliable and high-performance datacenters using Mesos software. This is the direction of the new datacenter and the shift will be as transformational as virtualization has been over the past decade.”

Mesos is an open source, server-side operating platform that pools datacenter resources and automates IT operations. For developers, Mesos provides simple command-line and API access to compute clusters for deploying and scaling applications, without relying on IT operations. For IT operations, Mesos abstracts and automates the most difficult low-level tasks related to deploying and managing services, virtual machines, and containers in scale-out cloud and datacenter environments, and provides true automation, fault tolerance, and server utilization for modern scale requirements.

“Mesos is really cloud computing the way it was meant to be,” said Brad Silverberg, a Mesosphere angel investor and former top Microsoft executive who was in charge of Windows and Office. “Managing your datacenter as if it’s a single computer is a concept that’s been heavily exploited by marketers over the last 20 years, but Mesos is the first technology that actually executes the vision.”

Mesos automates key IT operations that would otherwise require thousands of lines of code and intensive engineering. For IT operations, the benefits of Mesos include 2-3x resource utilization, better fault tolerance, requirement of fewer systems administrators, and more predictable and efficient scale. For developers, Mesos solves the most difficult base layer “plumbing” that’s required to build distributed applications – and gives applications the portability required to run on different environments without rewriting code.

“Companies that set out to handle scale as efficiently as Google typically stall out because they don’t have enough engineering muscle or tools to orchestrate compute resources at Google’s level of sophistication,” said Florian Leibert, co-founder and CEO at Mesosphere. “The most efficient path to cloud computing is to run on top of Mesos, and Mesosphere is unlocking that opportunity and making it more applicable for mainstream enterprise developer and ops teams.”

Mesos’ origins as an open source project trace back to the UC Berkeley AMPLab, where it was created by Benjamin Hindman. Twitter discovered the open source project, deployed it to production, and has been running its entire application infrastructure on top of Mesos ever since. Mesos rose to top-level Apache project status, and today is in production use not only in datacenters, but also cloud environments (public, private and hybrid) for companies like AirBnB and Hubspot that manage massive daily web traffic.

“We’re using Mesos to manage cluster resources for most of our infrastructure,” said Brenden Matthews, Distributed Computing Engineer at AirBnB. “We run Cronos, Storm, and Hadoop on top of Mesos in order to process petabytes of data.”

Mesosphere — whose seed funding round included $2.25M from Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, Foundation Capital and SV Angel — has built tools for making Mesos easier to use and deploy – including Marathon for large-scale orchestration, and Deimos for Docker integration.

To accelerate adoption, Mesosphere offers packaged distributions on its web site, free of charge. Today the company is working with lighthouse customers and will offer commercial plug-ins and enterprise support options in Q4. Mesosphere‘s mission is to increase by an order of magnitude the number of developers and IT operations professionals who can take advantage of the power of Mesos.

About Mesosphere
Mesosphere (Twitter: @Mesosphere) is dedicated to helping enterprises unlock the next generation of datacenter scale, efficiency and automation with the power of Apache Mesos. Mesos is an open source, server-side technology that pools datacenter resources and automates IT operations. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Mesosphere is headquartered in San Francisco with a second office in Hamburg, Germany.

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