Parking ticket app Fixed snags $1.2 mln

Fixed, a San Francisco-based app that helps users fight parking tickets, has raised $1.2 million in seed funding. The investors include Y Combinator and Merus Capital.


YC S14 company Fixed (, the easiest way to fight your parking tickets, is ready to announce their seed round. Fixed has closed a $1.2M seed round, including investors such as Y Combinator, Merus Capital, Scott Banister, John Cobbs, Mark Randolph, Matt Humphries, Eric Wu, and David King.

Fixed makes it simple to contest a ticket, and also brings expertise around the most common types of mistakes or errors that make a ticket invalid.

To use Fixed, simply download the iOS app and upload a photograph of your parking ticket. Then, press the “submit” button in the app, and Fixed takes care of the rest. After upload, Fixed advocates look for the most common errors associated with your type of violation, and then write a customized contest letter which they submit to the city on your behalf. 2-4 weeks later, Fixed will let you know if your ticket was dismissed.

Currently over 1/3 of all tickets contested are dismissed, but less than 5% of tickets are contested due to an intentionally difficult institutional process — conventional ticket contests can require several in-person appearances and weeks of waiting. Fixed resolves these issues.

Recently, Fixed has opened their waitlist to the entire San Francisco metro area. 35,000 users have signed up for the service. Fixed is already processing over 1% of parking tickets issued in San Francisco, which is equal to ~$1MM per year in fines paid by San Francisco residents.

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