Spark grabs $4.9 mln Series A

Spark, a development platform for connected devices, said Tuesday that it has closed $4.9 million in Series A funding. The investors included Lion Wells Capital, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, SOSventures and Collaborative Fund.


NEW YORK — July 8, 2014 — Spark (, the leading development platform for connected devices, announces today the launch of a new operating system and tech stack to power the Internet of Things. Additionally, Spark has raised $4.9 million in Series A funding from Lion Wells Capital, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, SOSventures, and Collaborative Fund as well as a consortium of strategic angel investors. With Spark’s cloud-based operating system and development tools, engineers and manufacturers now have the necessary resources to take products from prototypes to mass manufacturing, which helps to speed up innovation and enable higher quality smart devices.

Spark’s tech stack includes the Spark Core, a tiny development kit for creating Wi-Fi connected products, and the Spark Cloud, a platform that allows devices worldwide to connect to each other and be controlled through mobile and web apps. In addition to selling development tools, Spark enables manufacturers to build their products on top of the Spark platform. These tools are powerful enough for enterprise customers, but easy enough to use that designers, artists, and students with little technical background can use them for prototyping and development.

“We live in a world where we’re all connected through our phones and laptops, but many of the products around us are still waiting to be reinvented,” says Spark’s founder Zach Supalla. “With the Spark OS, we hope to make it easier to build amazing new connected products to foster innovation in areas where it’s far overdue.”

Since November 2013, Spark has shipped more than 20,000 Spark Cores to more than 75 countries and the company’s development kit has quickly become a highly sought-after platform for engineers at companies like IDEO, Google, Disney, Apple, Sharp, and IBM. Additionally, Spark has recently started collaborating with major enterprise customers to deliver connected products to consumers.

“The Internet of Things has the potential to transform the way we interact with each other and the myriad of electronic devices we use. We are excited to support the growth and development of Spark within this thriving market”, says Mark P. Jacobsen, Managing Director of OATV. “We believe that the company is playing an important role in the emerging system of wearables, connected devices and smarter consumer electronics. With the support of thousands of independent developers and with Zach’s industry expertise and passion, we believe Spark is on track to become a leader in the space.”

This funding follows an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign in which Spark raised nearly 60 times their original fundraising target to deliver the Spark Core to thousands. Spark quickly built one of the largest and most active developer communities in the Internet of Things. In the future, the company plans to expand its offering to power a wider range of connected devices in a variety of industries.

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About Spark
Founded in 2012 by Zach Supalla, Spark’s mission is to provide people with an easy way to connect everyday electronics to the internet. To do this, Spark developed the Spark OS – a suite of tools that consists of the Spark Core, a tiny Wi-Fi development board, and the Spark Cloud, a platform that enables devices worldwide to connect to each other. In addition to selling its own components, Spark enables manufacturers to integrate the Spark OS into their own products. Developed to be accessible for users of all technological backgrounds, Spark is changing the way the world interacts with hardware and devices.



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