Wake-up call app Wakie nets $1 mln

Wakie, a wake-up call app, has raised $1 million in funding. The investors were LETA Capital and Titanium Venture Capital.


San Francisco, CA – August 26, 2014 – Operating under the theory that no one ever looks forward to the loud blare of his or her morning alarm clock, Wakie is available today as a free mobile app that lets friendly strangers around the world help each other wake up happier than they ever have before. In an effort to completely change how we begin our days by enabling us to finally look forward to waking up, Wakie is launching with $3 million in total funding from LETA Capital and Titanium Venture Capital.

Wakie’s community is made up of aptly-named Wakies (the wake up callers) and Sleepyheads (those getting woken up). A Sleepyhead simply sets an alarm through the app on their phone. When the wake-up time rolls around, the app connects them to a Wakie of a similar age and the opposite gender. Wakies are responsible for starting the Sleepyhead’s day off on the right foot, with creativity and friendship. Wakies and Sleepyheads are connected for one minute. The calls are completely encrypted and phone numbers and names are never shared. If a Wakie is not available, the app has a Robo Up caller to make sure Sleepyheads are awoken when they need to be.

“Does social media and ubiquitous cell phone use make us less engaged with our fellow humans?” asks Hrachik Adjamian, CEO, Wakie. “Overall, maybe. But not with Wakie. We are taking something – your alarm clock or your phone’s alarm – that serves absolutely no social value and replacing it with a new interpersonal connection as the very first thing to start your day. Want to wake up on the right side of the bed and help your fellow global citizens at the same? Try Wakie.”

Wakie is currently available to change how sleepers wake up in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong (but anyone, anywhere can sign up to wake people up). Download the free app for:
Windows Phone
iOS (awaiting App Store approval)
Wakie is the new English-language, international version of the wake up service from the makers of Budist, a Russian-language wake-up app that has facilitated 30 million wake up calls from 1.5 million users.

About Wakie
Wakie is a free app for real live human wake up calls through a community of people waking people. With Wakie, friendly strangers help each other get out of bed on time and begin the day better. Learn more and get the app for Android, Windows Phone, and (soon) iOS at www.wakie.com



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