IDG Ventures leads $1.1 mln round for Sobrr app

Social networking app Sobrr has secured $1.1 million in seed funding. IDG Ventures led the round.


Sobrr is your life in the moment. We all have moments that we wish were never recorded. Sobrr is a revolutionary social networking app that lets its you meet people, make friends, and share your life freely through its temporary 24-hour features. Sobrr has closed a $1.1 million seed round led by IDG Ventures to bring this epic lifestyle to everyone.

Founded in 2014, Sobrr Inc. is a team of Silicon Valley veterans and UC Berkeley students and alumni who are passionate about promoting modern lifestyles by bringing new technologies into everyday lives for the millennial generation. We aim to revolutionize social interaction and communication through mobile devices.

The idea of Sobrr app originally came from a bachelor’s party at Las Vegas, where co-founder Bruce Yang woke up the next morning after a crazy night with his groomsmen in panic. They immediately went straight to their social networks and deleted every trace of what had happened that night, removing records of chats, posts and even friends they made that night to make sure they were not going to end up in any trouble.

After having locked their seed round funding, the team is working towards bringing Sobrr to more users through its new upcoming features. While currently only available on iOS, Sobrr will first be released in beta mid-September. Users interested in being beta users may sign up here: Sobrr will also be available in multiple languages very soon.

Sobrr’s Campus Race Program (, where college students are encouraged to spread Sobrr app to the rest of campus, is expected to launch mid-September. Monthly winners of the campus race will win a campus-wide party and the representing student ambassador will an iPad.

So, what is Sobrr?
Everything on Sobrr expires in 24 hours, including photos, messages, and, even, friends (unless you really, really like them). Most people don’t remember over half of what they did or said the day before, and it doesn’t make sense that your phone does. There certainly are things that happen in Vegas that you would prefer they stay in Vegas.

How do I use Sobrr?
It’s easy. Just snap a photo and post it on Sobrr as a “Vibing,” and people in your geographical area will see your post — only once. They may choose to swipe right to “Cheer” or swipe left to “Pass” your vibing and comment on it, or they may add you as a 24-hour friend. Once you accept the friend request, the two of you can use SobrrChat to start a conversation like you would when you first meet someone in real life. At the end of the 24th hour, the two of you will be cleared from your respective friends list, unless both sides tapped “Keep.”

Sobrr is the first to introduce the concept of 24-hour friendship, which is an intuitive concept that all the current social networks have overlooked. In real life, people socialize with others but only become friends with whom they like. Sobrr returns this control back to the user to decide if you really want to keep someone as a permanent friend after 24 hours.

The name “Sobrr”
We chose the name “Sobrr” because we want you to have fun and be your crazy self wherever you are. Sobrr will make sure there is no evidence of your craziness — you will always be “sober” online. Sobrr addresses the current issue of the disparity between real life social interactions and online interactions. People are constantly living in and are reminded of the past, and are obliged to create a positive, presentable online image: Instead of carrying out their conversations and enjoying their life in the moment, they are forced to put up a face.

We believe in cherishing life in the moment, and we would like to promote a culture of freedom by wiping out everyone’s social media records.

Bruce Yang, CEO & co-founder
Bruce is a UC Berkeley alumni and former LinkedIn, Fitbit, and Microsoft employee. On days when he is not in the office working on Sobrr, he likes to read about philosophers Kant and Hume and train his puppy Ochibi.

Vivian Xu, co-founder
Vivian is a former Microsoft employee. She likes to do yoga and go hiking every now and then, but in rare occasions when the Sobrr team goes out for karaoke, she whips out her singing talent and receives her due accolade.


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