Cyber security startup Zenedge rakes in $3.5 mln Series A

San Jose, Calif.-based cyber security startup Zenedge has received $3.5 million in Series A funding. The investors in this round included Yehuda Neuberger, Fred Sorkin and Andrew Malik, chairman of Needham & Company. With this capital infusion, the company moves out of stealth mode.


San Jose, CA – October 9, 2014 – Born out of the need for a stronger Web Application Security infrastructure, Zenedge today announced a $3.5 million Series A funding round.

Investors in Zenedge’s $3.5 million Series A funding include serial entrepreneurs Yehuda Neuberger, Fred Sorkin and Needham & Company Chairman Andrew Malik. This round of funding moves Zenedge out of stealth mode and expands the company’s reach to a broader client base in need of protection from the threats and cost of zero-day attacks.

Zenedge provides a globally distributed, attack-ready, enterprise-grade security platform that delivers granular control without touching a customer’s existing web application infrastructure.

Zenedge’s flagship product, Zenshield, can be deployed in multiple modes:

Security-Shield Mode isolates the web application and protects from all attacks, operating as a security shield between the Origin and CDN.

Security-Shield + CDN Mode isolates the origin and protects from all attacks, operating as a security shield and CDN, providing security, scalability and performance.

Security-Shield Standby Mode deploys Zenshield as a fallback system to switch to, in the event of an attack, taking over the traffic to manage the attack and mitigate the risk.

“We’ve seen all too recently with the Shellshock bug how web application vulnerabilities are exploited, making it increasingly more complex to mitigate DDoS attacks. With potentially millions of newly-compromised computers available to cyber terrorists as part of botnets, it is critical for enterprises to protect themselves from these inevitable threats,” said Zenedge Co-Founder and CEO Yuri Frayman. “We’ve created a solution to a problem no one else is adequately addressing: the ability to effectively plug security holes and shield businesses from any potential attack.”

The idea for Zenedge emerged from a first-hand experience of the vulnerabilities of current web application security solutions. In 2011, Zenedge Co-Founder and CTO Leon Kuperman was responsible for the technology infrastructure for when it was attacked by Russian cyber-terrorists. The attack resulted in hostile web traffic of over several hundred thousand requests per second, sustained over multiple days. With’s CDN provider unable to assist in warding the attack and get the site back online, the company was held to ransom by the terrorists. This resulted in over $1.2 million loss of revenue.

Kuperman said, “We created Zenedge to ensure no customer of ours ever suffers the same business disruption and loss. Zenedge shields your site against security attacks – we take the hits, so you don’t have to.

Zenshield is a subscription-based service, has already been battle-tested on large deployments around the world, and available immediately. Click here for more information.

About Zenedge
Headquartered in San Jose, Zenedge is redefining Web Application Security against known and zero-day vulnerabilities. Its flagship product, Zenshield, provides an attack-ready, enterprise-grade security shield that delivers granular security control without modifying a customer’s existing infrastructure.

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