New York City app lab Moonit Labs collects $1.5 mln

New York City-based app laboratory Moonit Labs has raised $1.5 million in funding. The investors were not named.


NEW YORK, New York – November 24, 2014 – Moonit Labs, a fast growing start-up that develops social discovery apps, has recently closed an angel round of $1.5 Million. Having grown significantly this year to reach 100 million monthly page views, New York City-based Moonit Labs is planning to expand its global footprint with this new infusion of capital.

Moonit is also celebrating the latest release of its top-ranking iOS app “MEET” by Moonit and introducing the app onto Android for the first time. Described as a fusion of the best features of WhatsApp, Tinder, and Instagram, the MEET app allows users to expand their social circles all over the world. Unlike traditional dating or hook-up apps, MEET allows users to establish both platonic and romantic

relationships with people on every continent. After connecting, users continue the dialogue by messaging each other, sharing pictures and exchanging gifts right in the app.

The app takes an “Instagram” approach to engage users, leveraging photo likes as indications of interest while enabling users to build massive user photo galleries of 100 or more images. Time-stamped photos allow users to validate their identities and share special moments in a real-time exchange. Over time, users establish a “quality” rating based on their app interactions, which helps police the user base and curate a “Daily Match” for each user.

MEET is exploding in popularity across the globe. The app has consistently held the #1 spot in the iTunes store for “flirting” and top 5 positions for “meet” and “meet new people.” Globally, the app has reached #1 in Canada for social networking and top 10 in the iTunes stores of both Canada and Mexico across all app categories.

Moonit has previously raised over $1 million via angels in the form of convertible notes. The $1.5 Million round that just closed was secured from private, high-net-worth angel investors and seed funds, with both domestic and international participation.

“We are delighted with the rapid growth of our social discovery apps around the world,” shared Moonit’s CEO, Mason Sexton. “With this new round of funding, we are in a position to fulfill the growing international demand for our MEET by Moonit offering by translating and localizing our content into new languages and onto new platforms so that MEET can be enjoyed all over the globe.”

Other notable developments include an exclusive content partnership with Tango, a leading mobile messaging service with 250 million registered members around the world.

To download the MEET app, click here. The MEET app demo video is available here.

About Moonit
Moonit Labs is an app laboratory that connects 2 million people around the world. The Moonit team creates social user experiences spanning mobile, desktop, Facebook and email out of its New York City-based lab. Users can digest Moonit Labs content and apps wherever and whenever they want them…whether they wish to engage with the people in their lives, the new people they meet or even their favorite stars.