Taiwan app developer QLL scores $450K

Taiwan-based mobile app developer QLL has received $450,000 in funding. B Dash Ventures led the round with participation from other investors that included Incubate Fund, Pinehurst Advisors, Viling and Coent Venture Partners.


QLL, a Taiwan-based mobile application developer, today announced a US$450,000 round led by B Dash Ventures. Other investors include Incubate Fund, Taiwan-based Pinehurst Advisors, Japan-based Viling and Singapore-based Coent Venture Partners. It was previously seeded by AppWorks, a Taiwan-based accelerator program.

QLL, founded in 2007, has developed nearly 150 iOS and Android apps with over 6.5 million user downloads in Taiwan. The company’s portfolio of apps includes games for foreign language learning and bilingual storytelling targeting children between the ages of 2 to 6. QLL has cooperated with such notable brands as Sony, Huawei, Foxconn and Fuhu to expand QLL’s content offering beyond smartphones to tablets, smart TVs and even smart watches.

With the new funding, QLL plans to further its product development and expand its user base into international markets including Japan, Korea, the U.S. and Southeast Asia. Leveraging on its rich app publishing experience, QLL is building a platform targeted at the education community to enable content providers, including teachers and educators, to create and exchange educational content digitally and on multiple platforms without having to possess coding knowledge. This innovative product solution in part addresses the issues facing educators as schools progressively move their classrooms online and as users increasingly turn to mobile devices to exchange and access educational information.

“In the process of building educational apps and forming relationships with educators, we found that the education community wants a digital avenue to modernize their teaching materials,” said Lulu Yeh, founder and CEO of QLL. “Educators often find that the content of their materials, and the way in which they are created and accessed, lag behind this era of tablets and smartphones. QLL’s platform will empower teachers to create enriched materials and enable them, for instance, to upload teaching information in different file formats, such as image and sound, or choose among the different available templates in creating content for students.”

The company aims to make the platform available on multiple interfaces, including smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

Lulu Yeh, who spent her previous career in business development and marketing for high fashion brands, founded QLL with CTO Bob Yeh, a serial entrepreneur in edutech. Early after establishing the firm, the team invented a breakthrough Chinese learning device called Pocket Chinese Tutor which has the capability to correct users’ Chinese pronunciations. After later successfully launching a mobile app version of Pocket Chinese Tutor on iOS and Android, reaching users in 130 countries, the company soon found themselves at the top of the edutech sector in Taiwan with the popularity of their subsequent mobile apps, including Talking-app, a bilingual storytelling app for children. A distinct feature of QLL’s apps is the ability to track users’ learning behaviors so to personalize learning sessions. Today, QLL’s user base exceeds 300,000 active monthly users.

“QLL has proven itself to be a leading edutech company in Taiwan—it fully understands the needs of the education community” said Hiroyuki Watanabe, CEO of B Dash Ventures, “With our investment, we hope to help QLL accelerate its growth in Japan and other international markets.”

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