Front Row Education nabs $5.3 mln Series A

Front Row Education Inc, a math education program provider for K-8 students, has secured $5.3 million in Series A funding. Amasia led the round with participation from other investors that included Harrison Metal and Baseline Ventures.


San Francisco, CA- August 12, 2015—Front Row Education, Inc., which provides an adaptive, gamified, and data-driven math education program for K-8 students, today announced that it has raised $5.3 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Amasia and joined by Harrison Metal, Baseline Ventures, and key existing investors. This brings the total raised by the organization to $6.6 million.

Front Row is one of the fastest growing curriculum technology companies in the world, providing students the ability to practice Common Core aligned math at their own pace. The program enhances the ability for already busy and stretched teachers to deliver customized learning for each child in their classroom.

The company launched in 2013 and has expanded rapidly through word of mouth. Today, Front Row is used in over 20 countries, including 1 in 5 elementary and middle schools across the US. More than 1.3 million students are using Front Row, an increase of more than 1,000% since the company’s initial seed funding round in April 2014.

“Three out of five students in America aren’t proficient in math, and our current system makes it hard for them to ever catch up, a fact we are hoping to change with Front Row,” said Sidharth Kakkar, Co-founder and CEO of Front Row. “We’ve had a huge impact on math education since launching just two years ago, and this round of funding with top-tier investors will help us further assist teachers and students in reaching their full potential.”

The program sends teachers feedback through a dashboard that provides them details on exactly how their class is doing, ensuring they are aware of what individual students need help on. In a typical Front Row classroom, students will practice at their own pace using the program, while the teacher accesses data from the dashboard to pull aside small groups of kids and give them lessons focused on areas they may be struggling with.

“Front Row is an easy to use site that allows students to work at their own pace, and I love how easily I can access student information and see what level they are working at” said Lauren Tustin, a fourth grade teacher at LeTort Elementary School in Carlisle, PA. “Students who struggle are guided through lessons, prompted to watch videos, and even provided with names of classmates who could help them on a topic, while students who quickly master a topic are challenged further and can go well above grade level.”

Inexpensive tablets and computers, coupled with ubiquitous Internet access, have begun transforming the way students are learning. It is estimated that by 2017, ed-tech spending will reach $41.4 billion, Front Row is well-positioned to take advantage of this transformation to help teachers and students learn better, deeper and quicker.

About Front Row
Front Row Education, Inc. is an adaptive, gamified, and data-driven math education program that K-8 students use learn at their own pace. Founders Sidharth Kakkar and Alex Kurilin launched Front Row after spending a month in inner-city schools learning about ways in which a traditional classroom can make it difficult for students to learn and for teachers to teach. The company started with just 3 classrooms in 2 schools in September 2013, and has grown rapidly through word-of-mouth alone. Today, Front Row is used in 1 in 5 elementary and middle schools across the U.S., along with 20 countries globally. Within these classrooms, students who are ahead practice material that’s harder, while students who are behind are provided tools that fill in the gaps in their knowledge. Front Row provides teachers with powerful data that helps them adjust to their students’ needs in real time, ensuring no student is left behind. For more information visit