French startup Deepomatic grabs $1.4 mln

Deepomatic, a French startup that monetizes media, has secured $1.4 million in seed funding. The investors included Alven Capital.


Deepomatic is pleased to announce the closing of a $1.4 million seed round from Alven Capital and a range of business angels, including Pierre Valade, co-founder of Sunrise, Jean-Charles Samuelian, cofounder of Expliseat, and several founders of important media groups.

Deepomatic automatically monetizes images published by web and mobile medias, by leveraging deep learning based algorithms. With a simple snippet of code added to their website or app, publishers can now get their images scanned by algorithms that detect and identify inspiring products (e.g. fashion products). By combining the automatic understanding of precise product attributes and the comparison of patterns and colors, Deepomatic links those images to e-commerce products which are the same or very similar. From the visitors’ perspective, a “buy button” allows them to shop any of those products directly from the images. It provides the medias with a new way of monetizing their content while helping out their users to find the products they are inspired by.

As traditional advertising is threatened by the rapid adoption of adblock and the unsuitability to mobile, Deepomatic represents a new and unique way of monetizing medias, while providing a valuable service to their visitors and users.

Deepomatic has been founded in 2014 by three friends: Aloïs Brunel (CPO), Vincent (CTO) Delaitre and Augustin Marty (CEO). The startup currently employs a team of 7 persons, mostly constituted by engineers and researchers, and is hiring to consolidate its research efforts and product team.