Shop.Co picks up $2 mln seed

Browser extension developer Shop.Co has raised $2 million in seed funding. The investors include Seed Capital Dortmund, Tripos and a consortium of partners and senior advisors that work at Boston Consulting Group.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Nov. 11, 2015 – Shop.Co, developers of a browser extension that turns the entire web into one interconnected online shop by allowing users to buy everything online with just one secure click, announced today that it has formally launched its public beta phase for the world’s first personal Buy Button.

In addition, Shop.Co announced it has raised an additional $2 million in seed funding from an angel investor consortium of partners and senior advisors that work at BCG. Finance partners include Silicon Valley Bank and Commerzbank. Early investors that joined this seed round as well include Seed Capital Dortmund and Tripos.

“Alongside with other partners and senior advisors at the Boston Consulting Group, I am pleased to participate in this seed funding round of Shop.Co,” said Dieter Heusel, Chairman of BCG Germany. “Shop.Co offers consumers a brand new way of online shopping. Finally, a solution in the ecommerce market that is easy, secure and intelligent.”

Unlike first-generation buy buttons currently being tested by the social media sites and e-commerce platforms, Shop.Co’s buy button belongs to the consumer. It gives consumers both a universal cart for comparison-shopping and purchasing across multiple retail sites at once, and it provides a 1-click purchase experience even for retailers that do not have one-click technology.

The Shop.Co button is powered by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and therefore requires no prior IT integration with retailer websites and works automatically on every e-commerce store on the entire web. It is also the safest way possible to shop online. As a bonus, users won’t ever lose track of their purchase receipts and won’t be bothered with annoying spam mail, because the Shop.Co inbox automatically collects and organizes all communications and newsletters from the stores in one central location.

“Paypal, Apple, Google and American Express are all testing their own buy buttons, but those buttons don’t belong to you. Shop.Co is the first and only buy button that belongs to the consumer – forever,” said Jay Habib, CEO of Shop.Co. “No more login passwords or guest registration, and no more entering credit card numbers, since all your preferences are stored securely inside your one personal Buy Button where our A.I. applies them automatically—even your coupons.”

The Shop.Co buy button works as a browser extension, and is available for FREE download at for Chrome. Firefox and Safari will be available soon as will mobile browser versions.

Features of Shop.Co Personal Buy Button: –

1-Click Buy Button – Personal, private and secure

Universal Basket – Compare and buy your products across multiple stores all at once

A.I.-Powered – Works on any retail website on the planet without prior integration

Global Dashboard – View and manage all of your purchases in one place

No registrations and checkouts – Never again experience the hassle of a 10-15 step process to complete a shopping order.

No more spam – Get rid of spam with our dashboard inbox for all of your order information
Connect with Amazon – Take advantage of your Prime benefits

FREE – Shop.Co is a free browser extension available for Chrome. Firefox and Safari will be available soon.

How it Works
Shop.Co’s personal Buy Button uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically complete any purchase transaction on any website, without any prior technology integration with the retailer. Shoppers browse online as usual, and add the product(s) they want to their personal Shop.Co universal cart. From there, Shop.Co’s buy button takes over and completes the rest of the purchase transaction from the retailer.

Secure Shopping
Shoppers’ payment information, address, shipping preferences and other information are stored in 128 AES encrypted servers, and transactions are executed by Shop.Co’s algorithms through end-to-end encrypted communications with the retail site, so it’s actually safer than a shopper transacting manually. As a bonus, users won’t ever lose track of their purchase receipts.

About Shop.Co
Founded with the idea to make online shopping easier, Shop.Co features a one-click buy button that is a browser extension on Chrome. Firefox and Safari will be available soon. Users can compare and buy all their purchases across multiple stores all in one place, with their own personalized Buy Button. For more information, please visit
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