Toronto startup Deep Genomics reels in C$5 mln

Toronto-based Deep Genomics, a genome biology startup, has raised C$5 million in seed funding. True Ventures led the round with participation from other investors that included Bloomberg Beta.


TORONTO, CANADA – Nov. 18, 2015 – Deep Genomics, a startup that has developed a unique deep learning-based technology that can sift through hundreds of millions of previously unknown genetic mutations and find ones that lead to disease, today announced the closing of Canadian $5 million in seed financing. Funding was led by True Ventures of the Bay Area with participation from Bloomberg Beta and other global angel investors.

The company will use the funding to grow its team of machine learning and genome biology experts and to further develop and validate its proprietary deep learning technology. With this newly acquired talent, Deep Genomics can continue to advance its ability to determine the consequences of genomic alterations on various cell mechanisms and can get closer to applying this technology to diagnostics, personalized medicine and pharmaceuticals.

“Deep Genomics is a prime example of how machine learning will impact the healthcare space,” said Adam D’Augelli of True Ventures. “Deep Genomics’ solutions will provide an understanding of genetic mutations that science has never had before, opening the door for hyper-personalized treatments and major developments in pharmaceuticals.”

The scientific community has spent decades searching for genetic mutations that arise in patients with certain diseases, but most mutations and combinations of mutations have never been studied. Deep Genomics is developing a computational engine that can efficiently explore these ‘unchartered mutations’ and, unlike existing technologies, determine why they cause problems at the cellular level. The computational system also connects mutations of unknown significance to variants that have been linked to a disease, determining their level of danger.

“With our unique technological approach, we are looking to create a shift in the current genomic medicine landscape,” says Brendan Frey, CEO of Deep Genomics. “With this funding, we will bring the best minds in machine learning and genome biology to the team, further develop our genetic interpretation engine, and test it experimentally. We are working with hospitals, biotech startup companies and pharma companies to test our system using the genetic data of patients that are stricken with genetic diseases.”

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About Deep Genomics
The Deep Genomics team includes leaders in deep learning and genome biology. It is the first company to combine the science behind each to unlock a greater understanding of our DNA and the mutations that generate disease. Building a thorough understanding of these processes has massive implications for genetic testing, pharmaceutical research and development, personalized medicine and improving human longevity. The company is led by world-renowned inventor Brendan Frey.

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