Neura picks up $11 mln Series A

Silicon Valley and Israel-based Neura, a smart tech provider for the internet of things, has secured $11 million in Series A funding. AXA Strategic Ventures and Pitango Venture Capital led the round with participation from Liberty Israel Venture Fund and Lenovo Group.


(January 18th 2016, San Francisco, CA) Neura, the ethical personalization service for the Internet of Things, announced today that it raised a $11 million Series A funding round lead by AXA Strategic Ventures and Pitango Venture Capital with participation from Liberty Israel Venture Fund and Lenovo Group.

Neura’s technology can be utilized to enable smarter healthcare, cars, music services, homes and much more. The service lets people get to an unprecedented level of technology personalization, by computing a constantly updating portrait of user behaviour patterns. Simply put, Neura enriches apps and devices with insights about users’ past and present actions, as well as calculated predictions about the next thing they’re going to do.

The Series A round will enable Neura to further realize its technological and business potential. Coinciding with the first open release of Neura development framework, designed to let developers personalize and contextualize their products – the funds will be used to expand Neura’s business reach and make the service ubiquitous.

“Neura’s technology represents an exciting development within the Internet of Things – a big step towards a world where devices not only connect to each other, but adapt themselves to users and their habits” said Peter D. Hortensius, CTO of Lenovo group. “Neura’s emphasis on gaining and keeping users’ trust is beneficial to the entire technology industry”

Creating a more ethical data sharing ecosystem, habit profiles (e.g. early riser, workaholic, exercises twice a week) and actionable triggers (e.g. fell asleep at their bed, driving with spouse, blood sugar low) can only be utilized with the express permission of users, giving individuals complete and irrevocable control over their data – allowing them to share only what they’re comfortable with, in exchange for tangible value.

“Currently data only serves the interest of major corporations,” stated Neura CEO Gilad Meiri. “The actual generators of data, the users, have no say in what impact this data has on their life. Customer data is bought and sold on the common market and the lack of transparency in the current system is troubling. We have built our platform on a foundation of transparency and a commitment to making personal data work for the sake of users. We are building the engine that can make smart technology smarter without sacrificing the trust of our users.”

About Neura
Neura enables smarter technology, powered by trust. Bringing context to the Internet of Things, Neura recognizes and analyzes human behavior from interaction between people and technology, turning habits and actions into insights. Those can be used through Neura to personalize and contextualize devices, apps and services. Neura’s ethical model for information sharing maintains complete and irrevocable user control over data usage permissions and privacy, benefitting both consumers and technology companies that choose to be user-centric, not selling personal data behind users’ backs.